Okanagan Trip, Part IX, starting another big day of tastings,at CedarCreek Estate Winery!

One of the first wine clubs we ever joined (second, I think), CedarCreek always delivers good value for the price point. We are always treated like family here.

We almost always make it a point to eat in their terrific restaurant; but they are undergoing a huge renovation to the restaurant and tasting room, so today’s meal was actually served to us outside in a large tent set up for such occasions. The quality of the food did not suffer one bit with the move. It was a wonderful meal.

To the wine!

We tasted more than that, but a few of them were the same vintages as we tasted on our last visit here so no need to report on those again.

Very much looking forward to our next visit here, when the chaos of the construction is over and their brand spanking new tasting room, and restaurant, are fully functional.

Next up: Up the hill to the home of some damn fine Rieslings, among other things: Tantalus!

Quick note: We are off on vacation in a couple days, so it’s likely my next blog post won’t be until early-mid December.

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