Okanagan Trip, Part XII, I’ve always wanted to visit a BC winery in the garage of a multi-million dollar home. Here’s my chance, at Kitsch Wines!

I’ll just leave this picture here without comment.


So, yeah, that’s the home. The tasting room isn’t actually IN the home, of course, you go around the right side of the home to the back where they have set things up in the garage. The entire process, from winemaking to tasting to sales, takes place in this garage.

Our lovely host, Tanya, told us on numerous occasions that they “don’t know what the Hell we are doing”. LOL.

Well, if the wines are any good at all, chances are they are going to figure it out.

Tanya regaled of stories of membership parties where they unknowingly broke several bi-laws and several actual laws. She was a FANTASTIC host, and I hope she is there the next time we visit. Passionate people showing off your brand should be the first thing any new winery, or business for that matter, checks off their list.

But….was the wine any good?

Kitsch Wines 2017 Pinot Gris

Screenshot 2018-12-29 09.07.38

Screenshot 2018-12-29 09.23.12

Screenshot 2018-12-29 09.16.39

Screenshot 2018-12-29 09.21.04

We had a terrific experience here and will definitely be back on our next journey up to this area. This is a winery to keep an eye on!

Next up: We finish off the Okanagan trip, finally, at Mt. Boucherie!

Also, have lots of other great stuff to tell you about, including a couple more really special wines. Stay tuned!




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