Tasting notes from a visit to a perennial favorite, @MaverickWinery!

After the epic Carmenere tasting, we decided we had time to hit one or two more wineries before calling it a night and retiring to our beach-front Townhouse at the Watermark. Our friends suggested Maverick Estate Winery, and we hadn’t visited them for a year or so, so it was an easy choice. Let’s see how these wines turned out!

Maverick 2018 Origin

Screenshot 2019-08-10 08.47.18


Maverick 2018 Pinot GrisMaverick 2017 ChardonnayMaverick 2017 Pinot NoirMaverick 2016 RubeusMaverick 2016 Bush Vine Syrah

That’s it for now! Next up, we continue the tour with our last stop of the night, at Burrowing Owl!

Also, we just returned from Vegas where MUCH amazing wine was sampled! Full reviews of all of it coming up as well.


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