Taking lunch to a new level, as well as some major, and exciting, changes to this blog!

When I started this blog in 2013, still neophytes to the expansive world of wine, it was my intent to inform and entertain; to enlighten my readers by taking them on a journey along with us, as we learned more about wine and the thing that most often, and most importantly, accompanies it: food.

What started as a food and wine blog eventually morphed into something else. As we started to taste more and more great wine, there was a lot more wine to review, and soon I could barely keep up with the reviews, let alone get into food or other informative aspects of wine culture (using the proper glasses, serving temperature, proper storage, etc).

In addition, I have kept another blog. A ‘personal’ blog that featured basically whatever-the-Hell-else-I-wanted-to-say. As time went along, that one morphed as well, and became pretty much one thing: a vacation blog. Sure, there was an occasional rant on lousy NFL refereeing, or thoughts about a great concert I just saw, but mostly, vacations.

As of now, that other blog is dead, and this blog is going to feature it all: Food, wine, travel, lifestyle, movies, etc. Anything I care to write about is going to show up here, and here alone.

For those of you who have been following along just for the wine reviews, don’t worry, those won’t go away. They may be interspersed with other things, but they will still be plentiful. For example, we are heading on vacation in a few days and the blog posts will be frequent – they won’t ALL contain wine reviews, but we don’t go many days on vacation without drinking wine.

I’m not going to change the name of the blog. After all, no matter what else happens in my life, I am still a huge wine-r.

As for the rest of today’s title, we’ve had a special bottle sitting here, just waiting for us to open it, for a month or so. We had intended to crack it open a couple times but for whatever reason, never got around to it. So, we’ve decided to do it today, and have it with lunch, so nothing in the evening derails our plans.

This was lunch: Filet Mignon strips, with two different sauces. First, a traditional Bernaise sauce, and second, a lovely Hunter gravy. This lunch was so good…SO GOOD…that we almost immediately went to the freezer and took out some more Filet to have another helping in an hour or so. I know the picture looks like there wasn’t a ton of meat, but in reality there was about double that amount, but it still wasn’t enough.




Screenshot 2019-11-10 04.48.19.png

And if that weren’t enough, with the second go-round of Filet, we found another beauty.

Screenshot 2019-11-10 04.58.25

My wife actually enjoyed this one even MORE than the Sassicaia, which has become one of her favorite wines vintage over vintage.

Up next: I will eventually find all my notes from our last Okanagan trip of the summer, but on Thursday our latest epic vacation begins, and you can expect the posts to come fast and furious. Disneyworld, here we come!

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