Orlando, here we come……..

1:45 AM: SIGH. I know we have an early flight today but nowhere near THIS early.

This is, sadly, a common occurrence for me these days. 130 AM, 230 AM, 330AM…..just about every day. Occasionally it’s not a big deal, I am able to get back to sleep. But all too often when I wake up at these ungodly hours, I know instantly that I ain’t gettin’ back to sleep anytime soon. When I’m at home, I just get up and go clean up the kitchen or something. But here, in the hotel, I can’t risk doing much but trying to force myself back to sleep. The wife needs her rest and nobody wants or needs an early appearance by Grumpy Bear on this trip.

4:30 AM – Well it worked, I was able to get a couple more hours of sleep. Wake up feeling fairly rested. The wife’s alarm goes off shortly after I wake up. I really hate her alarm, every time I hear it I feel like I’m about to be murdered by bongo-playing pygmies.

She is feeling a tad better than yesterday, but was still up several times during the night. Sure hope that this is reaching the end point; who wants to have to get up to go to the bathroom a bunch of times on a 5 hour flight? I can’t imagine a much worse experience.

Checking out of the hotel is a breeze, as always, and we head to the airport. As I have mentioned many times before, it’s incredible how peaceful and serene this resort is, just around the corner from a busy airport. No exaggeration, it’s two right turns and then you are into the Sea-Tac parking garage. Five minutes if you have to stop for lights, at most.

6:45 – No issues getting through security and we are into one of the several Alaska lounges to relax for an hour or so until we board. Apparently they have opened a brand new “flagship” lounge here, but this one is one of the older lounges and it is right near our gate, so no reason to wander around and find the newer one. Next time.

It is SO NICE to be able to get into these lounges and just relax a bit, grab a drink or a snack, and sit in comfortable chairs. We rarely spend more than 10 minutes at our gate these days. I am SO OVER the thought of flying coach ever again.

And given that we are planning to go to Europe in a few years, we better start saving our money ’cause those flights are more expensive than the fines the NFL just levied to the Browns and Steelers for that brawl last night. It was just announced that they suspended Myles Garrett for at least the rest of this season. They should suspend him for life. Ripping off an opponent’s helmet and hitting him across the skull with it is about as bad as it gets in the NFL. Imagine if he had split the guy’s head open, or given him a concussion, or worse. I think he would legitimately be looking at jail time.

7:35 – Boarding time. Jesus H Christ there are a lot of kids on this f*****g flight. Thank God for first class and noise cancelling headphones. I must say, though, as I type this I am not wearing the headphones and I can’t hear any unruly kids, so either they are well behaved (puh-lease), or way at the back of the plane, far enough away that they can’t drive us nuts.

8:15 – This is our scheduled take-off time but we are still waiting at the gate. The pilot comes on the intercom to explain that we are waiting for traffic to clear behind us, and we should be en route “shortly”.

8:15:30 – This is a man that knows what “shortly” means, as we start to back up to prepare to head out.

We are on a ‘breakfast’ flight and have already pre-booked our meals. Alaska always serves excellent food, but I wasn’t that excited about the choices this time. Tracey is having a spinach frittata and I am having a cheese plate. The only other option was a big freaking bowl of kale. Since I don’t eat spinach or kale, my choice was obvious.

Random musing: Why is this flight a “breakfast” flight? It takes off in the morning, sure, but we are also still going to be on this plane at lunchtime. Everyone on this flight had the opportunity to have breakfast before boarding…..if not at home, then certainly there are tons of places to eat at the airport. But nobody gets the chance to have lunch, since hopping off the plane to grab a burger isn’t particularly convenient at 35,000 feet.

Having said that, if there were an In N Out Burger up here, the wife would find a way.

I’m just sayin’.

10:00 – Who knew this was a 3-course breakfast?

They start with a delicious apple-cinnamon-pumpkin smoothy. Wow. So good.

Shortly after that, our flight attendant comes by and asks us if we are ready for our appetizer. Who gets an appetizer before breakfast? I guess we do.

It’s a lot of food! A bowl of Greek yogurt, granola, a hearty bun and cranberry preserves.

People who know me really well are probably having a good laugh about now after seeing the selection of “Anti-Dean” foods on this flight.

Let’s all sing along, to the tune of “My Favorite Things”. I am channelling my inner Julie Andrews.

Granola with raisins
Or any cranberry
Yucky green spinach does not make me merry
Spoiled milk called yogurt makes my nausea sing
These are a few of my Most Hated Things

When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my Most Hated Things
And that makes me feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel SO MAD……..



Well, at least the bun was tasty.

10:30 – Our flight attendant apologies in advance for our breakfast being served in the aluminum tins that they came in. Apparently the boys from catering forgot to load up the plates! LOL. I try to feign disgust, but as long as the food is good, I don’t really care if they serve it out of a doggie dish.

And it is GOOD. I made a mistake by not ordering the frittata, there was very little spinach in it. It was covered in some sort of dill-sour cream sauce, and accompanied by beautifully seasoned chicken sausage and homestyle potatoes. Luckily for me the wife wasn’t that hungry so I ended up getting about half of her food. My cheese plate is also very good, but I decided to keep most of it to have when it’s an appropriate time to start into the free Chardonnay.

10:36 – It’s time.

Our flight attendant is a terrible influence. She actually convinced me that it’s already 1:30 where we are headed, so it’s a perfectly acceptable time for wine. Can’t argue with that logic.

Now, airplane wine generally leaves a lot to be desired (although we have had some pretty good ones on other Alaska flights), but this is a perfectly quaffable Chardonnay from Paso Robles. Nothing to write home about, and not something I am going to drink a ton of, but it will pair nicely with the cheese plate.

Speaking of wine, we are sure looking forward to a brilliant fortnight of food and wine. Not only from the myriad of amazing meals we are going to enjoy at the various Disney properties, but also from the case of wine that will be waiting for us at our resort tonight. I ordered a random case of wine from Wine.com and it is scheduled to be delivered today, just before we arrive. You can expect a lot of terrific (I hope) reviews. There is some special stuff in that case.

11:05 – Wife has hit the wall and is asleep. I think we have about 2.5 hours left on the flight. With any luck, she will sleep through a lot of it.

12:15 PM – She’s awake, but only because some turbulence shook her. With about an hour and a half left in the flight, I can totally foresee her going right back to sleep.

Clearly she is having some sort of reaction to one of her many medications, as she has a huge, warm rash on her chest and under her throat. It looks like she has consumed shellfish or a lot of wine (she has had neither). She has taken so much medication in the last few days, it’s impossible to predict which one is doing this to her. It will probably pass.

She is back asleep.

And as if we haven’t had enough food on this flight, they bring around some snacks. Chips, trail mix, fruit and the like. I have not even finished my cheese plate yet!

Just noticed in the Wi-Fi details that we are traveling on one of their upgraded aircraft, which features Wi-Fi fast enough for streaming. I predict a Netflix marathon on the way home.

The rest of the flight is thankfully uneventful, as is our baggage retrieval. Off to get our rental car, which we pre-paid for months ago. We paid for a luxury car, looking for a car big enough for all of our luggage, and get offered a luxury SUV. Sounds good, until he mentions it is a Chevy Blazer. Hmm. Well, I don’t know anything about that, but he says it’s beautiful and it’s a 2020, with less than 1500 miles on it. I guess it can’t hurt to check it out.

He was right, it’s a really beautiful car. Tracey is the driver this trip since we bought this through her AMEX card to take advantage of her annual travel credit. She says it drives beautifully and it is very roomy. Of course, it’s a Chevy so it has undoubtedly been recalled in the amount of time it took me to type this paragraph.

It takes us a bit longer to get to the resort than we would have liked due to an accident on one of the highways, but we have no plans tonight other than some sort of makeshift dinner and an early bedtime.

9:20  – Safe and sound, checked in, have had dinner and are seriously contemplating going to bed. It’s not even 6:30 to our body clocks yet but holy cow are we both tired. The wife is feeling marginally better, which is a good sign for the rest of the trip.

Tomorrow, it all begins at the Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow!!!







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