Nine months and some misplaced notes later, the Okanagan trip report finally finishes up @VinAmiteCellars!

Vin Amité, one of the last wineries you will pass as you drive North out of Oliver, is one that you might drive by if you don’t know anything about it. Don’t. I mean, seriously, don’t.

It’s certainly not the only boutique, family run winery in the Okanagan, but I have yet to visit one that makes the guests feel like part of the family as much as this one does.

Sometime in the past couple of years they started up a wine club. No heavy commitments here. One case, of anything, at any point during the year. That’s it and that’s all.

We visited them on our way out of town last summer, and tasted their new releases. Not a bad wine in the bunch, as usual. Let’s get to it!

Screenshot 2020-02-26 06.16.20

Screenshot 2020-02-26 06.19.42

Screenshot 2020-02-26 06.23.46

Screenshot 2020-02-26 06.28.00

Screenshot 2020-02-26 06.33.35

Screenshot 2020-02-26 06.38.22

Screenshot 2020-02-26 06.42.22

Screenshot 2020-02-26 06.47.37


As a little bonus review, I already ordered my 2020 case which arrived a couple of weeks ago, featuring some of their three new varietals: Merlot, Viognier, and a Rosé. I tasted the latter last night. It’s my least favorite thing they’ve ever done, but still shows some promise for future vintages.

Screenshot 2020-02-26 06.02.16

So, nine months later, this Okanagan trip report is finally wrapped up. And talk about good timing, in a matter of hours we are off to Vancouver to begin our four-day-long extravaganza at the Vancouver International Wine Festival.

As I did last year, I’ll try to update the blog every day or two with as much content as I possibly can. If all goes to plan this will start tomorrow, with a full report on tonight’s Ventoux Tour de France dinner at Chambar!

Until tomorrow……

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