Rosé all day! All week! All year! Just drink it all the time!

Full disclosure: We are not really “drink rosé in the spring and summer” people. We tend to drink it all year round. Having said that, this is the time of year that the new ones start to hit the pavement. Below, a bunch of BC rosés that we have been enjoying so far this spring.

Consider this “part one” of the BC rosé report, as I have a lot more to taste and review.

First, a few from last year that you can still find.

Culmina 2018 SaignéeQuails' Gate 2018 RoséBlack Hills 2018 Rosé

And here are a few new ones:

La Stella 2019 LastellinaLe Vieux Pin 2019 Vaila

Screenshot 2020-04-27 14.02.50


Screenshot 2020-04-27 16.22.57

Not a bad bottle in the bunch. I sure love a good rosé.

Up next: Got a bunch of random bottles to report on, and in the not-too-distant future, a bunch more 2019 BC rosés in part 2!


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