As we meander through the Okanagan, it’s time for an early morning visit to @rustwinery!

“Early morning” in the realm of wine tasting, that is. Right at opening, 11 AM.

This was technically another drop-in visit, as they aren’t taking appointments. Having said that, they knew exactly when we were coming, they had an area ready for us, so that’s about as close to an appointment as you can get I suppose.

We are seated in a beautiful semi-private area on the patio, under a gazebo. No other guests anywhere near us (although it doesn’t take long for there to be 3-4 other groups of people tasting outside as well).

And the view doesn’t suck, either.


To the wine!

Rust Wine Co 2019 GewürztraminerRust Wine Co 2019 RoséRust Wine Co 2019 GamayRust Wine Co 2018 Cabernet FrancRust Wine Co 2017 Golden Mile Bench SyrahRust Wine Co 2014 Cabernet Merlot

Always good wine, good people, it’s always fun to visit.

Safety score: 9.5

Tough to feel unsafe sitting by yourself in the outdoors, with no staff member coming within 10 feet. The only thing keeping this from a 10 is that I had to go into the tasting room to buy and arrange shipping for my wine. Not a huge deal, but if there was going to be any kind of problem here, this is where it would have been.

Next up: Another winery that is quickly becoming a favorite, a little jaunt to the castle and a tasting at Road 13!


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