Okanagan Trip report finally wraps up at the new home of some of the goodies from the Hatch…@BlackSwiftWine!

As we approach this gorgeous new winery, my wife says “wow, not bad for a bunch of assholes!”.

So, so true.

Now, before you think that’s an insult, it’s not. If you’ve never been to The Hatch, you have probably not experienced a winery so fun, so irreverent, so….”assholeish”. And I mean that in the best way possible.

As I am sure many of you know, The Hatch has ‘broken up’ into three separate (but still related entities). The Hatch that you know and love still exists in the same locale. Crown + Thieves is expected to open sometime late this fall, and today’s report features the new venture known as Black Swift Vineyards. And it’s quite something.

The view as we approached the winery.
The wife, the dog, and the view from our table.

I sarcastically complained about the view being TOO good, and our lovely host, Grayson, said “no problem, we’ll make sure we get a Wal-Mart put up there to block it for ya”.

Like I said….what an asshole 🙂

The only labels that they took from the Hatch are Black Swift Vineyards (obviously) and the Screaming Frenzy line. I’m oversimplifying it, but let’s say the BSV are the big, serious wines, and the Frenzy stuff is a bit simpler, a little more whimsy and perhaps more approachable in their youth.

When Crown + Thieves opens, they will be selling (I believe) only the Crown + Thieves line, leaving The Hatch with their house wines (Ross O, B Yanco), the Gobsmacked line, and the other miscellaneous stuff like Hatchfinity, Hatchchild, etc etc. Their just-announced wine club has 6 or 7 options….you can get wine from one of the wineries, or all of them. I haven’t done a deep-dive into it yet, as most of the options don’t begin until 2021, but it seems like you should be able to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Lots to talk about, so let’s get to the wine!

And one bonus review, something we had tasted previously but I had never posted:

So that’s finally the last report from our summer trip to the Okanagan. Next up, a ton of stuff we have been enjoying since then, AND, I still have an exciting announcement that I have been working on and am hoping to get posted this weekend, or middle of next week. Stay tuned!

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