Adventures in Blind Tasting, Episode 3!

Yesterday, my wife and I sat down for another effort at a fully blind tasting. Here is the video. I would say we both did much better than last time although not perfect.

The wines included in the video, below.

As a bonus, to finish off the evening while we enjoyed a little SOMM TV, I pulled out another white for the wife to blind taste. This came from our wine fridges, not specifically from the 6 bottles that I bought for her to taste, but she still had no idea that we had this wine. I purchased this just about 2 weeks ago when I went to the BC Liquor Store specifically to stock up on “everyday drinking whites” which we were sadly lacking on. I put them directly into the wine fridges and she didn’t see what I bought.

She nailed the grape immediately (and to be fair, it’s not the toughest grape to identify), and after just a few minutes more, she came to the conclusion that it was from Alsace, from 2017, and “it’s that one with the red label”. She couldn’t remember the exact name of the producer.

I would say she did OK.

After seeing that she was exactly right, and I mean EXACTLY RIGHT, all she could say was “WHY WASN’T THAT ONE ON CAMERA?!?!?!?”. LOL.

One day, in the not-too-distant future, I hope to be as good at this blind tasting stuff as my wife is 🙂

Up next: Still lots of great stuff to catch up on. Stay tuned!

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