Day 4 of our Okanagan trip begins with a fabulous lunch and some wine in Lake Country, @graymonkwinery!

This is our fifth or sixth time eating at the Lookout Restaurant (although it has undergone some name changes), and we have never had a bad meal. Never.

Well, OK, one time I mistook “Steelhead” for “Sablefish”, and ordered the trout. I hate trout. So I had ONE bad meal here, but that was an idiot with the wrong order, not the restaurant’s fault.

This trip I had a delicious lobster roll, but the star of the show was the Onion Soup that came with it! Just spectacular.

My wife ordered a salad and sandwich combo. I honestly can’t remember what kind of sandwich it was (might have been a BLT?), but she very much enjoyed everything.

Since we didn’t have a ton of time between this lunch and our next appointment, we decided to taste some of their wines during lunch, through a couple of flights. We had an interesting experience this time around: Many of the wines we have loved in the past (the sweeter ones) were slightly underwhelming in comparison to past vintages, while the ones we have not been so impressed with in previous vintages (the drier ones) were better than we expected. Here they are!

That’s it for today! Next up: A seated tasting with a simply fantastic guide at O’Rourke’s Peak Cellars! Stay tuned!

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