Vacation Blog returns with a trip across the border, some great food and wine, and one of our favorite hotels!

10:00 AM – Bellies full, we are off! Headed to Aldergrove to drop off the dog, who is not allowed to come with us on this trip. Since the border just opened up a couple of days ago, we aren’t sure exactly how long it’s going to take us to get across, although early returns are suggesting that few people are very excited to drive across the border and pay $200ish for a PCR test to be able to come back to Canada.

11:00 AM – We arrive in Aldergrove and drop off the dog at her second home. We inform her that she has a “two bite” maximum this trip, and urge her to try to stay close to that. We know she will fail.

11:30 AM – We arrive at the border to a lineup of… cars.

11:35 AM – Our border agent is friendly and efficient. He asks a couple simple questions, then asks about our vaccinations. We show him our cards, he glances at them before saying “we are not the vaccination police”. Yikes. I think he is LITERALLY SUPPOSED TO BE THE VACCINATION POLICE.

3:00 PM – I nod off in the car (I know, shocking) and Tracey drives us to Cedarbrook Lodge where we are staying tonight. It’s our go-to hotel in Seattle, for all trips out of SEA-TAC and also just when we come down here to visit Seattle. The dog loves this hotel, we feel bad that she isn’t with us, but we will bring her here in the spring if COVID allows.

I’m going to try to balance the blog and vlog this trip, so all of my reader and viewers can get a feel for the trip without duplicating everything on each platform. For details on this hotel, check out the vlog where I take you on a little video tour of the room and the grounds. You can see it here.

We have two lovely bottles of wine tonight. One of the great thing about this hotel is the great selection of wines, particularly from Washington and Oregon.

6:40 PM – Our room service dinner arrives and it’s delicious. We pair it with the Counoise and it goes very well with the chicken in Tracey’s salad and also with my steak. What a lovely wine to find! If we see it in any stores this trip, we are buying a few bottles. I can’t imagine we could possibly find it back home.

7:30 PM – Wife is in the bath. It’s a beautiful tub, much better than the normal tubs we have encountered here in the past in the standard rooms. In fact, I think it is exactly the same tub that we’ve enjoyed in the higher-end suites we have stayed in here in the past. I was tempted to have a bath too, but she’ll be in there for hours and I will probably want to be in bed before 2 AM.

3:45 AM – She is out of the bathtub.

OK, kidding (probably). But I went down the hall to get some of the free ice cream that lives in the common space living room, so now she has wine, a bathtub, and ice cream. I may not see her for the rest of the trip.

8:20 PM – She’s out. Jesus. Time must work differently in this reality or something.


That’s it for tonight, stay tuned for Episode 2 as we arrive at our mystery destination tomorrow (I mean, I sure HOPE we arrive there tomorrow!).

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