Not a fan of “cheap and cheerful”? Well, check out my new series, “Extravagant and Excellent!”

Yesterday, I posted Episode 1 of “Extravagant and Excellent”, a companion series to my “Cheap and Cheerful” series. If you missed it, you can check it out here.

The rules of this new series are simple: The wines must be at least $50CAD BEFORE taxes. Many of the wines I feature in this series will be quite a bit more than that, for sure, but that’s the baseline.

Here are the full reviews of the three wines I featured in the video:

Three excellent wines. Are they worth the money? I’d say “yes”, but of course that’s a decision you have to make for yourselves. You can probably get comparable Chardonnay that compares to the Hobbs wherever you live for the same money or thereabouts. The other two would be trickier to find, I suspect.

Current vintages of the Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte sell for $225 in BC Liquor Stores, so I feel like I got a steal with that one at only $80USD!! That same vintage is still available on, and it’s now priced at $94.99. Still a bargain, probably. Consider the prices for the latest couple of vintages.

Check out the scores on the 2018, which is currently on sale for $130USD:

And how’s this for a bargain?? You can pre-order the 2019, with almost identical scores, for under $100!! You have to buy in groups of 3, though.

Those scores aren’t good enough for you?? Well, check out the 2020’s scores. This one is already sold out apparently, at $150USD.

Suddenly the price tag of $225CAD at BC Liquor Stores doesn’t seem quite so exorbitant!

As a little bonus, here are reviews of a couple other well-aged bottles we opened recently:

This one in particular was a nice treat. We sampled the 2011 at the big party we went to a couple of weeks ago and it was in full decline, but this one was much better. It’s a perfect example of what a huge difference there can be vintage over vintage!

That’s it for today! Please don’t forget to subscribe to this blog and the YouTube channel if you haven’t already so you never miss an entry!

Up next: Still a lot of good stuff to catch up on, and we are getting very close to the first installment of my annual “BC Rosé” entry, as more and more 2021 rosés start to hit the shelves. Stay tuned!

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