Reviews of wines from my latest vlogs, plus some other great stuff as well!

My last few vlogs have featured some good stuff that I haven’t yet given official ratings to, and this blog will change that. Here we go!

From my latest vlog, Episode 2 of “Extravagant and Excellent”. If you haven’t yet checked it out, you can do so here.

Previous to that, I had published this one, the most recent Episode of “Cheap and Cheerful”. Here are those wines:

********This was $24.99 when I bought and tasted it, but as of the date of this blog post, it’s on sale at BCLS for $18.99!!*********

From my latest “Adventures in Blind Tasting” vlog, this lovely Chardonnay that I didn’t think had ANY chance to be a Chardonnay!

***Um, sorry, that price is wrong. It’s nowhere near $17. It’s $69.48 at Marquis Wine Cellars, currently. You should be able to find it for around that price or less elsewhere in Canada.

And as an added bonus, here is another wine we enjoyed recently, a Rhone-style blend from BC that doesn’t QUITE measure up to the CDP above (not that I’d expect it to….)

That’s it for today! Coming up next: Still have a lot of random bottles to catch up on, but the first installment of my “2021 Rose” series will be coming along very soon (and will be accompanied by a vlog). Stay tuned!

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