Reviews of the Nebbiolos from my latest vlog, plus some other great (and not so great) stuff we’ve been drinking, including a 26-year old wine from Chile!!

If you missed my last vlog where I tasted through four VERY different examples of Nebbiolo, you can check it out here!

One of these wines was from Australia, and I had previously reviewed this wine when we tasted it at the Vancouver International Wine Festival a few years ago. You can see that review here. I am pretty happy with the score I gave it, but I was waffling between 93-94. My wife enjoyed it so much when we finished off the bottle the other day, I probably should have bumped it up a point. Maybe 93.5? LOL

Here are the reviews of the other three.

And, here is one more Nebbiolo that we enjoyed recently that was not a part of the vlog.

And as promised in the title, here are a few other bottles we’ve been enjoying, to varying degrees, recently:

That’s it for today! Coming up, part 2 of our 2021 rosé reviews will be done soon, and lots of other great stuff we’ve been drinking. Stay tuned!!

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