Random update of some great stuff AND I AM FINALLY COMPLETELY CAUGHT UP!!!

Well, who knew there would be such an advantage to being up at 5 AM on a Sunday? Time to hop into a nice, long soak in the tub and bring along my notes and my computer and finally get caught up on everything I had not yet got around to reviewing. Here they are!

Let’s start here, in BC, with some real treasures and a couple that perhaps didn’t live up to expectations.

And here’s a very tasty, very reasonably priced gem from Bordeaux!

Now let’s hop down the coast to California, for some really great stuff, as usual!

And, to finish up today’s big update, a somewhat rare varietal from Washington State!

That’s it for today! Finally all my notes have been exhausted, and I can keep up with reviews of wines as we drink ’em!

Up next: I have two vlogs underway; the third installment of my 2021 rosé reviews, and Episode 4 of my “Various Varietals” series where I talk about, and taste a bunch of, a varietal you might have heard of: Cabernet Sauvignon.

As for the blog, those reviews will show up here as well after the vlogs are posted, and of course, everything else we drink this summer that doesn’t necessarily make the YouTube channel will appear here as well. We are hoping it’s going to be a great summer of wine! Stay tuned!

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