The Top 10 Wines of 2022!!

OK here we go, a list of my favorite wines reviewed on this blog in 2022! As always, some spectacular wine was enjoyed, but I feel like 2022 was a bit of a down year with, for the first time ever (I think), some wines scoring less than 95-points making the list. 94 point wines!? Oh the horror!

Let’s get to it!

Starting with a bevy of the more interesting 94’s I tasted this year, consider this a 6-way tie for 7th place! And, yes, I realize this actually makes this a top-12 list, but I couldn’t exclude any of these beauties!

At #6, I challenge anyone to find a better Pinot Noir in BC!

#5 – It wouldn’t be a “best wines of the year” list without something from Turnbull. They just keep over-delivering year after year!

#4 sees us with the quintessential Chateauneuf-Du-Pape. The first time I’ve had this wine, and it certainly won’t be the last!!

At #3, a beautiful decade-old favorite from a top producer in Napa Valley!

Coming in at #2, it’s rare that you’ll see Sparkling wine on my list, but when you do, they generally cost an arm and a leg. Both arms and both legs, in this case. Truly spectacular!

And at #1, as we still chase that elusive 100-point table wine, a true stunner from Washington State that, despite it’s brilliance, will probably be even better the next time I have it!

That’s it for today! I guess as “down” years go, that was still pretty darn good!

Up next! Lots of random stuff to update you on, and coming up next weekend we head to one of our favorite places on the planet where much fun, much frivolity, and much good wine will be enjoyed and discussed! Stay tuned!


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