ALL the wine reviewed during our two-week trip to Florida!

Oh, what a fortnight! If you’ve been following along via my YouTube channel, you’ve seen a lot of these already (but not all of them). For the rest of you, reviews of a whole lot of stuff that we enjoyed – mostly – during our recent trip to Disneyworld!

It started at SEATAC airport with a tasting of a few wines at Vyne, the wine bar that replaced Vino Volo.

They had a digital menu where you can scan a QR code and then just order directly from there. We ordered three to start with, and our waiter came over to find out which one we didn’t want. Oh no, I know there are two of us, but yes, we want three wines πŸ™‚

By the time the tasting was over, the number of wines doubled, as he brought us a few samples to taste free of charge.

Washington State wine is really underrated!

So, to the rest of the trip. We had a bit of wine. No, really.

And, last but not least….with all the great wine we enjoyed on the trip, I would have expected more than just one bottle to make the “Best of the Best” list, but alas, that was not to be. This beauty that we enjoyed at our wonderful dinner at Toppolino’s Terrace at the Riviera Resort wins the trip, and it wasn’t that close!

If you made it this far… really like wine!! πŸ™‚

Up next: Full reviews and scores of the wines that I’ve featured in my last couple of videos. And, for the movie buffs amongst you, my annual Oscars Predictions will be released here shortly before the ceremony begins on Sunday. Stay tuned!!


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