Whispering Horse new releases! Turns out you really CAN make good wine from Chilliwack grapes!

I admit, I was pretty skeptical that wine from Chilliwack grapes would be very good. We attended this tasting last year and were quite impressed with most of the wine we tasted. This year, the wines were even better!

If you want to see how these compare to last year, that post is here.

Back after a 4-year absence, a Pinot Gris rose. I am not sure I’ve ever had a Pinot Gris rosé before? It’s unmistakably rosé, and unmistakable Pinot Gris!

Next up: a grape you generally find in Switzerland, and this year’s version was a vast improvement over last year’s. We were told by multiple people that this one really ages beautifully in the medium term, 2-5 years, so we took one home and will cellar it for a few years and see.

Last but certainly not least, a slightly off-dry winner that we really enjoyed last year and this vintage as well. La Crescent is a hybrid grape generally found in the Eastern US, especially the Finger Lakes region of New York. This year they added 15% L’Acadie, which is often called Nova Scotia’s signature white wine variety. Perfect as a patio pounder!

Lovely people and pretty darn good wine, I highly recommend you stop in next time you are in, or driving through, Chilliwack!

Next up! Rosé season is here and part 1 of my rosé reviews are upcoming, plus some reviews of wines that have been features in recent YouTube videos. Stay tuned!!


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