Back to Epcot for the last time, our penultimate (maybe last?) theme park appearance as the trip begins to wind down

4:00 AM – Oh good grief.

So it seems like I got bit by something at the Magic Kingdom the other day. I count four distinct bites, three on my ankle and one on my inner thigh, suggesting I got bit by more than one something….or one something that was really pissed off at me.

It was irritating yesterday, but it went to a whole new level of itchy overnight, actually waking me up to scratch it.

Unfortunately it also woke up the wife. Luckily for me that it did, as she knew where to find the creme and bandages that she so smartly brought along on this trip, just in case.

After patching me up, we both went back to bed, hoping to get another couple hours of sleep.

10:48 AM – Say what??? “Couple hours” became more than six??

And if you sleep for, like, 10 hours during the night shouldn’t you wake up feeling at least slightly rested? I could barely drag my ass out of bed.

Wife is still asleep. Good thing we have no plans today until heading back to Epcot for the evening.

11:30 AM – I have to go in and wake her up so that she has time to get it together for breakfast (and, actually lunch!).

I get an Email from Alaska Airlines confirming our flights for Friday morning; it comes with a link asking if we want to move our flights to earlier?

Wife and I look at each other…..hmm. We have already had a spectacular trip. There is not a ton left on our itinerary for this week. We had planned on spending some time in the pool, but it is getting cold enough at night here that the water is pretty damn cold. So maybe we look at leaving a day or two early, and having a nice long weekend at home instead? AND, most importantly…avoid traveling on Thanksgiving or Black Friday.


Done! New flights leave late Wednesday night, instead of Friday morning. Fantastic. Now to rearrange the things we still have to do……….


Exciting! Now we just have to find time to drink all the wine we have left 🙂

That got a bit easier when one of the big reds we opened up this afternoon was corked. We are down to one red, which we are going to have with pasta and meatballs tomorrow, so we moved over to a favorite rosé.

Screenshot 2019-11-25 13.58.18


5:30 PM – Time for our dinner at Monsieur Paul, the fancy French restaurant near the France pavilion. The proprietor of this restaurant is Paul Bocuse, who some consider The Godfather of French cuisine. We are huge fans of Anthony Bourdain and his show Parts Unknown, and Paul Bocuse was like a God to him.

Paul Bocuse and Anthony Bourdain, filming an episode of Parts Unknown in Lyon, France, in 2014.

Bocuse passed away in early 2018, and of course it’s no secret that Bourdain also passed away, just 5 months later.

Tracey orders from the a la carte menu, I go with a Prix Fixe menu, which starts with this lovely chilled beet soup.


As appetizers, Tracey had a fingerling potato salad with sausage and cheese, and I had an Oxtail broth with black truffles in puff pastry. Sorry I missed those pictures.

As our main courses, Tracey had Strip Loin with potatoes and fried pearl onions and I had Lobster Thermador. Both were outstanding.

Given our food, there was really no wine on the menu that would have paired perfectly with everything, so we decided to order a beautiful white and Tracey ordered a glass of a  red Bordeaux blend to go with her steak.

Screenshot 2019-11-25 20.29.42.png

I also forgot to take a picture of my dessert, which was something along the lines of an apple crisp, served in a glass cup with a sheet of sugar on top of it. The waiter then poured warm caramel on top of the sugar, melting it and blending the flavors. Beautiful.

Another wonderful meal, punctuated by great wine. This has been a hell of a food and wine trip. Oh, and theme parks too. So many theme parks. 🙂

We also got to see the Xmas version of Epcot for the first time this trip. As with the other parks, they put up a gigantic tree.


A ‘trick shot’ in front of the tree, where the ornaments all look like little Mickeys

8:15 PM – Back at the resort to wind down, watch a little TV and prepare for tomorrow, our last full day in Orlando.

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One thought on “Back to Epcot for the last time, our penultimate (maybe last?) theme park appearance as the trip begins to wind down”

  1. Epcot is one of my favourite places – a truly wonderful way to visit so many countries it you can’t actually go to those countries. (I’ve been to 9 of the countries, and was very impressed with how Epcot represented them!)

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