The last full day in Orlando – shop ’til you drop is on today’s menu, along with some absolutely spectacular wine!

8:15 AM – That’s pretty good sleeping for me, and it comes at an important time as we prepare to transition back to Pacific time in a couple of days.

Today, we are totally winging it. Off to Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) for the day, as much shopping as our wallets and feet can handle. We also might pop into the Magic Kingdom for the last time, that totally depends on how the day goes.

11:15 AM – Off to Disney Springs, not totally knowing what to expect. We know there has been a ton of construction, and we probably won’t recognize the place…but we have no idea how much it has changed. We do a ton of browsing and shopping, and then it seems like it’s time for lunch.


Gee, that sounds like a place we might enjoy to have lunch. Sorry that it is sideways, but this is the wine list, most of which is available by the glass, and a bunch of the really special stuff by the ounce.

We order a cheese plate, some meatballs, and a ridiculous amount of wine. Three ounces of some, double that for a couple. Wow, what an experience.

Not often do you get the chance to have a bunch of First Growth Bordeaux by the ounce, or by the glass, and how about a 20+ year old wine from Lebanon???

Screenshot 2019-11-26 18.01.21

Screenshot 2019-11-26 17.26.10

Screenshot 2019-11-26 18.07.50

Screenshot 2019-11-26 18.15.20

It’s probably a good thing we leave tomorrow, or we’d be broke if we were here much longer. Our lunch bill was just under $400….and we barely ate lunch!!!

5:15 PM – Back at the resort to have some dinner, a little more wine and start to pack up for tomorrow’s trip home.

With our fettuccine and meatball dinner, we had this one, the last red from the case that we had shipped here.

Screenshot 2019-11-26 18.23.18

Well, that’s it for today, and that’s basically it for the trip. But not so fast, true believer, we have some time tomorrow to relax and still have a couple of bottles of wine in the fridge, so there will be at least one more report.

We never did make it back to the Magic Kingdom, but that’s OK.

We have seen it all.

We have done everything.

We are no longer traveling during Thanksgiving or Black Friday.

We are very, very sad to be leaving tomorrow, but are very, very glad that we are leaving tomorrow.

Until tomorrow……



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