Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, it’s off to home we go…….

But what a trip it has been.

9:45 AM – Made a concerted effort to stay up later last night and hopefully sleep later this morning as we transition back to Pacific Time. I guess it worked. Today is gonna be a long day, as it will be around 2 AM by the time we get home, which is gonna feel like 5 AM. Will be interesting to see just how late we sleep in tomorrow morning (or afternoon).

Looking at the weather forecast we are clearly leaving the best place in the country right now, traveling to one of the few other places not experiencing a bunch of crappy weather. Travel is going to be a nightmare for a lot of people today, but unless something unexpected happens, it should be fine for us. It’s really windy in Seattle this morning, but by the time we land tonight it should have dissipated enough to cause us little to no grief on our descent. Fingers crossed.

Dean doesn’t like turbulence. Turbulence and Dean kinda clash.

2:00 PM – Packed up and ready to go, and just finishing up this beautiful bottle of wine.

Screenshot 2019-11-27 14.06.46

We get to the security lines, which don’t seem particularly long. There is a fork in the line (and a sign that says “use both sides please”). What the sign should have said is “Hey, Jackass, if you take the left line, it actually splits into four more lines that you can’t see right now. If you take the right line, it’s just ONE LINE and there is only ONE SECURITY POINT for that line. Choose wisely!”.

I chose poorly.

Oh, and did I mention that the damn security machine broke down for 10 minutes when I got close to it???

Getting through security took a half hour. If I had taken the right line? About 7 minutes.

Good times.

Anyway, luckily we were a bit early and we had lots of time to hit up one of the lounges, have a bite to eat and a bevy or two, and relax before the flight.

Another smooth boarding process, and very enjoyable flight. Our meal tonight consists of warm salty nuts, carrot and ginger soup, spinach salad, braised beef with mashed potatoes and a roasted carrot medley, and a multigrain bun. Oh, and ice cream for dessert. First Class is the bomb.

OH OH OH speaking of bombs, I got a little extra security on the way through as my carry-on actually had some bombs in it. Bath bombs. I guess that triggered some extra screening.

8:15 PM (Pacific Time) – About an hour more left in the flight and I’ve been watching Netflix most of the flight. Love it. Service has frozen a couple of times but given that I am on a plane, I am not going to bitch too much about that. Great way to kill a few hours.

Nothing else to report. Smooth end of flight. Smooth drive home. Smooth pickup of parcels waiting for us in Sumas. Smooth border. All went well.

2:00 AM – In bed and ready to sleep, but the cats are not down with that scenario. I can’t remember when I have seen them so happy. We are home, AND we didn’t bring the damn dog home. I am picking up the dog in the morning. For now, going to SLEEP IN!

7:30 AM – SIGH. Not exactly my definition of sleeping in. Oh well, I guess I’ll go get the dog and do some grocery shopping.

That’s it for this vacation. Hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as we enjoyed having it!

Until next time.




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