Day 3 of the Okanagan wine trip wraps up at one of the great wineries in the Okanagan, with one of the best views of the Okanagan, @PaintedRockWine .

Another winery where we had already pre-paid for our experience. As club members, our tasting was complimentary, but we pre-ordered sandwiches and charcuterie for lunch, to enjoy in their beautiful grounds. I’m not sure who enjoyed their time on the grounds more…, or the dog. She just loves to accompany us anywhere, and we were successful at ensuring that all the wineries we were visiting today were dog friendly.

2019-03-14 12.36.28
Zoey, AKA “Zo-Zo”, “Dog”, or “Pork Chop”. She spends a tremendous amount of time laying like this. I don’t know how that can be comfortable.

An “all-red” tasting today. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Painted Rock 2015 MerlotPainted Rock 2016 MerlotPainted Rock 2016 Syrah

Painted Rock 2017 SyrahPainted Rock 2016 Red Icon

61654286190__1FD54685-1E96-4773-AF32-C6A450521E8A 2
The author’s lovely wife, charcuterie, a bottle of their Rosé, and a not-too-shabby view.

Oh, and not related to this trip, consider it a bonus review of a wine we enjoyed back home recently:

Painted Rock 2015 Malbec

The sandwiches were fantastic, the charcuterie was fantastic (half of which went back to the resort with us to enjoy later this evening), the wine was fantastic, the service was fantastic. This was a wonderful day, and it’s tough to imagine finishing our wine tasting anywhere better than this, enjoying a lovely picnic lunch with my incredible wife, accompanied by our crazy dog, overlooking the vineyards and lake. Even in horrific 2020, it’s nice to be able to exhale and just enjoy the great things in life once in a while.


Although the tasting portion of the day took place inside, the staff members are behind plexiglass. If you’ve ever been to this winery, you know that even inside feels like outside, thanks to the huge glass door that opens, leading you to feel like you are out amongst the vines, even from the tasting room.

Next up: As we transition from Osoyoos to Kelowna, we start tomorrow morning in Naramata, with a tasting at another winery that always delivers, Little Engine!



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