Okanagan wine trip report continues, as we move towards Kelowna, a stop in Naramata at Little Engine!

After checking out of our suite, we are on our way up to Naramata for the first half of the day, before heading to our hotel in West Kelowna to finish up our trip. First up, an 11 AM bell call at Little Engine!

We have been here several times and their wine is always of outstanding quality. Generally, they have three tiers: Silver, Gold, Platinum. There are some other wines that don’t necessarily fit directly into any of those categories as well.

Another winery with a beautiful view, but what are those dark things in the sky? CLOUDS?! Disapproved.

It sprinkles a tiny bit of rain on us, and we aren’t covered on these seats so eventually we move a few feet to a covered area and a huge table.

Terrific wine across the board, as usual. Just imagine how amazing the Platinum level wines are!

Safety score: 10

100% outside, no other guests anywhere near us, no unmasked staff members getting too close. Can’t ask for much more.

Next up: We visit an old friend at Hillside! Stay tuned!

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