Italy month continues; and lots of non-Italy content, too!

Here is a link to my latest YouTube video, where I taste and report on two eclectic varietals from Italy (and, yes, the guest cat makes an appearance):

Huge Wine-R Volume 12

Below are the reviews of these two wines, plus a handful of others from Italy (and elsewhere) that we’ve enjoyed (or not) this month!

Here are a couple other Italian wines we’ve enjoyed recently.

There were two Italian wines I am not reviewing. The first one, a Trebbiano, was obviously oxidized (and there was a tiny bit of cork damage when opening it). I’ve already received credit for that from the store.

The second one was a bit more nuanced. It was really quite unpleasant, but not noticeably spoiled like the Trebbiano. This particular one was a white from Sicily, from a well-known producer (Planeta). The grape was Carricante, not a grape I had ever tasted, so I had to go to reviews to see if we had a bad bottle or if this was just an odd wine. What I found were tasting notes that didn’t match what we were experiencing at all, leading me to believe that this bottle was on the path to oxidation, it just hadn’t totally arrived yet. I haven’t contacted the store about this one yet, but I might still do that and try to get a credit.

That’s it for Italy, but here are a few BC wines, all from Okanagan Wine Club packs, including one that is proving to be pretty controversial:

One more, an odd one from Spain. This region, and this grape, are known for making quality sweet wines. This one is anything but sweet.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned for more reviews! As the calendar turns to February, our focus moves from Italy to France! I better go buy a beret…….

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