A “brunch and wine pairings” video, and lots of random reviews!

ICYMI, here is my latest YouTube video where I try some out-of-the-box wine pairings with some common brunch offerings. Did they work? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Lots more interesting stuff to report on, starting with a BC wine using a grape that I am fairly sure nobody else here grows.

Tinhorn Creek recently released some library wines, and I picked up a couple. We had the Merlot last month and it was certainly drinkable. Holding out hope that the ’05 Syrah, still in our wine fridges, will be even better.

And, the last one from that infamous Burnt Timber shipment. One of the two that I received that were drinkable (and I did get a refund on all the others), if not spectacular.

Now, I know I had previously said that February was going to be “France month”, but we haven’t really consumed much French wine. Here we are into mid-March and I only have a couple bottles from France to report on; I’ll compile those into a separate report, along with a video or two, once we finally officially transition to “France month”. Maybe April.

Instead of transitioning over to France, we kept going with Italy, and here are a couple more we enjoyed from there:

And, a few other random bottles from other parts of this huge wine world:

That’s it for today! Some more updates to come, and another video coming up in the next couple of days. Also, going to start on a 5-year vertical of Maria’s Block Riesling from Kitsch Wines that I received last week. Stay tuned!

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