Some great BC Syrah, and lots of other stuff, in this blog update!

First, ICYMI, here is a link to the video I published last week, honoring the late great Steven Spurrier. As I said in the video, his contributions to the wine industry, particularly California and, by extension, the entire Pacific Northwest, cannot be overstated.

At the time I had originally reviewed the wine in the video (at the Vancouver International Wine Festival in 2015), I loved it, and gave it a sparkling 95 points. The bottle I opened last week was nothing like that. Bottle variation? Maybe. Did the wine decline that much in 6 years? Tough to say. But here is an updated review of it.

Now onto the BC Syrahs that I teased in the title of this post. We’ll start with this link to another video that I posted last week. It features this one that, as of this posting, IS STILL AVAILABLE on Tinhorn’s website. The price is $60, not $80 as I speculated in the video.

As if that wasn’t enough good BC Syrah for one night, we opened up another beauty. And then another. Here’s just another good example of what a difference a year can make in the same wine!

I had originally reviewed the 2013 version here, and at the time gave it a range score of 92-94. I can tell you it has ABSOLUTELY reached the high end of that range. I waffled with giving it 95 actually, but will stick with 94. So much incredible fruit left on this one.

As for the 2014, also very good, but completely different.

All three of these Syrahs are ready to go now. Not to say they don’t have life left in them, but I cannot see any of them improving from this point.

Now, on to some other random stuff from BC we’ve enjoyed (to varying degrees!) recently:

And to finish it up, here’s a big beauty from our friends South of the border.

That’s all for today! Lots more good stuff to report on coming up, including a 5-year vertical of Kitsch Wines Maria’s Block Riesling that is ongoing. Stay tuned!

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