Disney says “It’s a small world”, but that doesn’t seem to apply to the world of wine!

Admit it, you’ve got that song in your head now, dontcha?? You’re welcome.

So, this blog post is dedicated to that whole, huge world of wine far from our doors. OK not necessarily THAT far, but nothing from Canada in this report (I’ll do that separately).

This is the great stuff we’ve been drinking in the past few months that I have not yet reported on. We’ll take you down the coast to California, across the ocean to France, Germany and Italy, and finish up way down in Chile, with (spoiler alert), the best wine of the report.

Let’s get to it!

And….drumroll please……last, but certainly not least, the best of the bunch (and it’s a pretty good bunch):

That’s it for today! Not a bad bottle in the bunch, and some really special stuff.

Coming up! The BC stuff…yes, I still have lots of that to review! Stay tuned!

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