Three new releases from an underrated BC winery, @liberfarmwinery!

If you missed my YouTube video, you can see it here.

Full disclosure: I really enjoy this winery. The wines are good, the prices are reasonable, and the owners are outstandingly friendly. What’s not to like?

They are embarking on a new journey; moving from their previous home in the Similkameen Valley to Osoyoos. For this year, you can book tastings on their website using this link, which will be outdoors at the new location. They are hoping to have the new location open fully next year.

Just to clear up any confusion: Their new address is 14000 BC-97, Osoyoos. When I type that address, it comes up correctly, just up the road from Blue Sky winery and also very close to La Stella. If I type in 14000 Highway 97, Osoyoos, Mapquest gives me an address North of Penticton, which is clearly not correct.

In addition to the three wines I reviewed, they have an extensive portfolio of delicious wines, including a drop-dead gorgeous Chardonnay that sees some oak, and a big, fat, delicious Bordeaux-style blend called “Rebil”, available to Wine Club members.

Here are my full reviews of the three wines tasted in the latest video:

That’s it for today! We are hoping to visit the new locale during our upcoming trip to the Okanagan, and if we can make that happen, there will be quite a few more reviews from this winery, you can bet on it.

Up next: Part two of our Rosé series is still ongoing, shouldn’t be too much longer now. Stay tuned!!

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