Okanagan wine trip report continues @BurrowingOwlBC!

Up next, we headed up the hill to the beautiful Burrowing Owl, which is always a good tasting. We had hoped to have dinner at their excellent restaurant as well but the timing just didn’t work out so we’ll have to tackle that next time.

This was the only winery we tasted at that didn’t have an outside option, but we knew that the tasting stations were very well spaced out, and our host would be behind a large piece of plexiglass, so we felt safe enough to stay inside for the 15-20 minutes that the tasting would take. The wines here, generally, are universally good, so let’s see what they had for us to taste on this trip!

That was it for this tasting, but here is a bonus review of a wine we enjoyed recently:

That’s it for today! As usual, great wines up and down the lineup from Burrowing Owl.

Next up, we drop in for a tasting at Rust Wine Co.! Stay tuned!

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