Okanagan trip report continues along as we wrap up the day @Rustwinery!

I have gone on record that I am very, very, very much in favor of Okanagan wineries continuing the practice of doing tastings by appointment. For the most part, that is all I am interested in doing. Don’t tell anyone, though, but I also really like having just one or two options to go to when we have a bit of extra time.

Rust Wine Co. is one of those options. They don’t take appointments, but we had time in the late afternoon to squeeze in one more winery, so here we are!

Warmly greeted as always, we are seated at a huge table with comfortable furniture, a very knowledgeable employee to guide us through the wines, and a big, friendly dog. And he wasn’t a winery dog, either, just a local dog that apparently comes down from a neighboring house and hangs out a lot.

So how were the wines? Let’s find out!

Another great tasting here, as always. This was a perfect way to end the first full day of our Okanagan trip.

Next up: We head up to OK Falls for an early morning visit, our first ever, at Synchromesh! Stay tuned!

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