Okanagan trip report continues as we travel about 100 yards next door, for our first visit to @french_door !

Right next door to Le Vieux Pin lives French Door Estate Winery. This used to be Montkairn Winery, one which we never visited (and never heard good things about). French Door’s winemaker is Pascal Madevon, one of the most famous Okanagan winemakers. In addition to making these wines, he consults for (seemingly) just about every other winery out there!

Winemaker Pascal Madevon

They had only four wines for us to taste, so let’s get to it!

Judging by the fact that the Heritage was by far the best wine we got to taste, I feel like we didn’t get to taste their best stuff. Not to mention, I’ve heard great things about their Rosé, which was already sold out by the time we got there.

One more point, we were told they were dog-friendly, and they were, but only on a small part of their patio. They wouldn’t allow us to sit on the more comfortable furniture on the grass, we were restricted to a covered-yet-concrete area which wouldn’t have been spectacular for the dog if the weather was really hot. Other than that, the service was very good.

This concludes Day 2 of the trip. Up next! An early morning visit to Vin Amité! Stay tuned!

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