Okanagan trip report continues to move along and this time we are at another “must-do” winery in the region, @LeVieuxPin!!

Ho-hum, another Okanagan trip, another fantastic visit to Le Vieux Pin. Alex Russo, their wine club concierge, is the best of the best, and he takes incredible care of us each time we visit….even though we are not actually club members anymore! He just celebrated his 10th Anniversary at the winery, and that is really saying something as turnover is generally very high at Okanagan wineries.

To the wine!

And, as a little bonus review, here is one of their wines that we enjoyed recently and have not yet reviewed:

That’s it for today! Next up: The Okanagan trip continues right next door with our first visit to French Door!

Also, a special tasting of six big reds from Blasted Church will be posted soon. The video should be up tomorrow and the blog post with full reviews will follow. Stay tuned!

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