Day 3 of the Okanagan trip begins at a little winery who should be much, much bigger, Vin Amité!

We discovered this winery about 4 years ago and they immediately made us feel like family. The owners, the Coulombe family, could not be friendlier. Ray and Wendy Coulombe are the founders, and they brought their daughters Catherine and Nathalie into the fold. Nathalie is an artist who’s paintings you will see hanging in the tasting shop. Catherine is, well, basically everything……owner, Manager and Winemaker. I would imagine she finds time to sleep 15 minutes a day or so.

Catherine has been our contact there since we first encountered this little gem of a winery (we had never heard of them until one of our servers at Black Hills insisted we check them out, and we are sure glad we did), and it would be difficult to explain how fantastic she is. Yeah, she knows I write a wine blog and there are times that I feel like I might be getting special treatment because of that, but not in this case. She was just as wonderful on our very first visit as on our visit this year (and all visits in between), and she did not know about the blog at that point. She is just a fantastic ambassador for her product.

All of this wouldn’t mean a whole lot if the wines were lousy, let’s face it…..but they certainly are not. Let’s get to it!

We also got to taste a barrel sample of the 7-year Ouest that will be released tomorrow. It was delicious! Looking forward to trying it when it’s officially released next year.

That’s it for today! Another wonderful experience at this winery as always!

Next up: As we transition from Osoyoos to West Kelowna, it’s time for a picnic on the patio at Painted Rock! Stay tuned!

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