Okanagan trip report continues as we have a picnic lunch @paintedrockwine !

You know, the wife and I were talking just last night about how many really great wineries there are in the Okanagan, and how many of them consistently produce wines that I give good scores to over and over again. It occurred to us that although many wineries produce a lot of good wines and occasionally some great ones, Painted Rock might be the only one (or one of very few) that consistently produces GREAT wines. I was trying to think of the last Painted Rock wine to which I gave a score of less than 90 points and I honestly can’t think of one. I would probably have to go back years, and not sure I would even find one then.

Are they the “BEST” winery in the Okanagan? That’s a pretty subjective thing, but depending on the criteria, they’d have to be pretty close to the top of the list, in this writer’s opinion.

We arrive at Painted Rock and are promptly greeted and seated at a table outside overlooking their spectacular view.

The author’s beautiful wife, and a beautiful view from our table!

Owner and Proprietor John Skinner happens to be there today and he shows us just how close the wildfires of 2020 came to their property, taking us out to about where my wife is standing in this picture and pointing up to the hills just behind the winery. It’s a breathtaking sight, as the fires came so close to engulfing this entire area. Let’s hope they never get that close again.

Our picnic food is delivered, and let me tell you the same thing I told you when we did this last year, these are some of the best sandwiches I have EVER had. Painted Rock doesn’t make them themselves, of course, but it’s just another hallmark of quality: if you are going to bring in food to give to your guests while they enjoy your wines and the view, make it the best you can find. Their picnic food comes from The Bench Market, and it’s so good I am going to make it a point to visit them the next time I am in Penticton.


To the wine!

So there we have it, another spectacular visit to Painted Rock. If you aren’t familiar with this winery, make it a point to check them out on your next Okanagan wine trip. You won’t be disappointed!

Next up: A short interruption in the Okanagan trip report to give you reviews of some wine I’ve talked about in a recent video, and the next stop on the Okanagan trip report takes us to our first spot in Kelowna, Kitsch wines! Stay tuned!

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