Reviews of the wine from my recent video, plus a few others including some already vying to be on the “Best of 2022” list!

I recently posted Episode four in my “Cheap and Cheerful” series (check it out here if you missed it), and here are the full reviews of the wine in that video. All drinkable, and two of them really stand out as good value!

Now, on to some other random stuff we’ve been drinking, including a couple real beauties that are already lining up to be on this year’s “Best of 2022” list! I actually hope they don’t make it, because if I have 10 wines better than these this year, it will have been an excellent year in wine!

Let’s start out with a really nice value wine from Bordeaux (not a sentence I type a lot!!)

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Next up: Lots more reviews to catch up on, and another “BC vs. the World” video is upcoming in the next few days. Stay tuned!

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