Details from my last vlog (how long does wine last after it’s opened, anyway??), and lots of other reviews!

Earlier this week, I posted a new vlog in which I tasted a Chilean Cabernet Franc that I had opened a couple days previously. You can see that video here.

In a nutshell, I was testing out the theory that some wine can actually improve with days of being opened. This particular bottle went through the following:

Day 1: Aeration and decanting for about one hour

Tasting result: Incredibly acidic, to the point of it being undrinkable

Day 1: Four more hours of decanting

Tasting results: Better, with intense notes of fresh basil on the nose and the palate. Drinkable, but not that enjoyable. If I was scoring the wine at this point, it would have been in the 85/86 range.

At the end of the evening, it was left in the decanter, and then put back into the bottle in the morning, then stored in the fridge.

Day 2: ?????

Here’s the rub, because we were out most of the day, we didn’t have any wine, so this bottle didn’t get tasted on day 2. This might have been the sweet spot? Who knows?

Day 3: Well, you can see my reaction to the wine on day 3 in the video.

So, of course, this is just ONE bottle, and as we all know, every single bottle of wine is different. I am sure there are bottles out there who would have been totally different under the same circumstances, but I thought it was interesting to test it out and see how it worked out.

So, up next, a bunch of stuff we’ve been tasting recently! Let’s start off in BC.

Now, to the rest of the wine world!

That’s it for today! Up next: Still lots of exciting bottles to report on, and we shouldn’t be too far from the first installment of my annual “Rosé report”, as the 2021 rosés are starting to roll in. Stay tuned!!

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