Cheap and Cheerful? Weird and Wonderful? All the reviews from my last couple of videos, including a couple you do NOT want to miss!

Let’s get right to it! If you missed my last couple of YouTube videos, you can catch them here:

Huge Wine-R TV Volume 88: Weird and Wonderful Episode 1

Huge Wine-R TV Volume 89: Cheap and Cheerful Episode 10

Of course, for those of you who prefer to read then watch, here they are!

First, from the “Weird and Wonderful” video, some wines that I’ve never had before, and I bet many (all) of you haven’t either!

This Vranac was so good that I also put it at the start of the next video, “Cheap and Cheerful”.

That’s it for today! Next up: Lots of stuff we’ve been enjoying over the past weeks and months to catch up on, and coming up in the not-too-distant future, Part 1 of my annual BC Rosé series! Can you believe it’s almost that time already? The first 2022’s have arrived, with many more to come. Stay tuned!


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