One of the greatest Syrahs I’ve ever tasted, and some other great stuff!

We had dinner at Glowbal last week, and we took along a bottle from the cellar to enjoy with our dinner. We have reached the point in our wine collecting where we really never have to pay restaurant prices for a great bottle of wine; we’ve got ’em, and are happy to bring them along and pay their corkage fee (in this case, $40).

What a great decision it turned into, as this was an incredible wine and a perfect pairing with our food. My wife had short ribs and I had a filet mignon, both were delicious, and both were elevated by the wine. And that’s what a great food and wine pairing is supposed to do, amiright??

Horsepower Vineyards was founded by Christophe Baron, the same gentlemen who founded Cayuse Winery, one of Washington State’s cult wineries. We’ve been on the Cayuse waiting list for so long I am genuinely thinking that we won’t get to buy any by the time we stop buying wine for the cellar!

We bought 6 wines from Horsepower in 2019, and although we know they will age beautifully for decades, well, you gotta drink ’em sometime, right? I’m very, very glad we have 2 more of this specific wine and 3 others as well. What a treat!

And if that’s not enough for you, we also enjoyed a spectacular Pinot earlier this week.

And here are some more reviews of stuff we’ve enjoyed over the past few months. Apologies if some of these are duplicates, I’ve lost track!

That’s it for today! Up next: Reviews of the wines from my latest video, Episode 5 of “Various Varietals” which features Chardonnay! Also, it’s almost time for the 2022 BC rosĂ© series to begin! Stay tuned!

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