Okanagan wine? Check. Shall we also visit California? Check. Portugal? Chile? Oregon? Let’s just go all around the world in this update, shall we?

Oh boy, some good stuff today, and some WORLD CLASS stuff as well. Let’s get right to it, and we’ll start close to home in the Okanagan!

How about a quick trip to Portugal, and a trip way, way, way back in time?

Did someone say Bordeaux??

We’ll stay in France but head up to the North East, Alsace!

Domaines Schlumberger 2014 Grand Cru Riesling.PNG

A quick little jaunt to South America, where you can really find some bargains if you look hard enough.

One well-known producer from New Zealand, where the Dingo probably ate your baby (what, that’s Australia? Never mind).

A couple nice bottles from a very well-regarded producer of premium wine in Oregon:

And just a touch farther South, to California. I promised two bottles that make my “best of the best” list, and here they are!

Man, those last two bottles have my mouth absolutely watering. Two very, very special bottles of wine. Maybe they aren’t “everyday” wine at those prices (although we have been known to open up those kinds of bottles on “Two Bottle Tuesday”), but wine like that is such a treat, no matter the occasion.

Next up: Back to the Okanagan trip, and a lovely tasting at Cedarcreek!

Okanagan Trip, Part VIII, the Lake Country portion of our journey comes to an end with a tasting and dinner at 50th Parallel Estate!

Our third visit to 50th Parallel and we have thoroughly enjoyed the first two visits. The staff is always top-notch, and this time was no exception.

Since our last visit, they have opened up a beautiful new tasting room and restaurant!

Called Block One (menu and reservations available at the link), we were yet again treated to some absolutely fabulous service. Without being asked, they brought my wife a blanket as we were waiting for our table.



Yes, it was THAT FREAKING COLD in the Okanagan, in August! Good grief.

Our server was fantastic, the wine was fantastic, the food was fantastic – highly recommend you check it out when you are in the area. Lake Country has a large number of great winery restaurants, considering there are not that many wineries there!

To the wine!

50th Parallel Estate 2017 Pinot Gris50th Parallel Estates 2016 Gewurztraminer

50th Parallel Estate 2016 Riesling50th Parallel Estate 2017 Riesling50th Parallel Estates 2015 Pinot Noir
50th Parallel Estates 2015 Unparalleled Pinot Noir

Another terrific experience at 50th Parallel, I can’t imagine any reason we would go to Lake Country and not make it a point to stop in here…..and eat here!

Next up: I’m going to catch you up on a ton of random stuff we’ve been drinking. Some of it Okanagan, some of it not, but all of it worth talking about. And, we are going to be adding a couple more to the “best of the best” list, so don’t miss it!

After that, this Okanagan trip will continue on Day 3, in and around Kelowna and West Kelowna.

Okanagan Trip, Part VII, our second-last visit of the day finds us making The Chase for great wine!

Holy cow, I’ve finally done it, moved the blog to a new (improved, I hope) platform. Lots of changes and updates still to come, but for now, this one shouldn’t look too different from the old blog. Now, let’s get to The Chase!

We really enjoyed our first visit here a couple of years ago. This one did not go quite so well. Let me explain: we arrived 20 minutes before they closed. Now, we knew that going in, but they don’t have a huge portfolio, so 20 minutes would be lots of time to taste through their wares in a comfortable manner.

Their staff member did not, apparently, agree.

It was pretty obvious she wanted us out of there from the get-go, even going so far as to remind us, TWICE, that they were closing soon.

The next time we go there, I’m going to make a point of showing up 20 minutes before closing time again, to see if we are treated poorly again. That would say quite a bit about where the winery is headed.

Anyway, on to the wine, most of which was good, and one in particular was great!

That’s almost it for this portion of the trip. Our next stop, our last visit in Lake Country, a tasting and dinner at the new restaurant at 50th Parallel!