Some serious wine as the Okanagan report continues @SynchromeshWine !

Up and at ’em early for a 10:30 appointment at Synchromesh; our first ever visit here. We meet up with Andrew Melville, who longtime readers of my blog will recognize as one of the lunatics who made The Hatch such a fantastic place to hang out for the first few years of it’s existence. He’s moved over to Synchromesh now, the home of some serious Rieslings (and other stuff too!).

After a little tour of the vineyards and some history of the property and the winery, we settle in to the tasting room and Andrew takes us through a large portion of their portfolio. I was expecting to like the wines (I have had the occasional Synchromesh Riesling over the years). I was not expecting to LOVE them. Let’s check them out….

And they are not JUST a Riesling house! Some lovely reds as well.

These were so good that I actually placed an order for another half-case while typing up this post. If you are a Riesling fan, and you haven’t experienced these wines, you should get on it! And we didn’t even get to taste their high-end “Blue label” Rieslings as they were all sold out. The next release of those is in October and I’ll certainly do what I can to get some of those!

Next up: A perennial favorite as we visit Le Vieux Pin!

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